Healing, Peace & Love for Mind, Body & Soul


Highly experienced, naturally gifted, highly qualified, intuitive, evolved, enlightened, channelling Love & Light, giving True Healing...


The Ibiza Healer offers a very real, enlightening, life changing & empowering Healing...


~ Spritiual Healer Master Teacher

~ Energy Healer Master Teacher

~ Reiki Healer Master Teacher - with direct lineage

~ Pranic Healer

~ Karmic Healer

~ Emotional Healer

~ Transformational Healer

~ Life & Soul Coach

~ Counsellor & Mentor


Private Healing Sessions available in your Home, Holiday location or Private island space


Harmonising with the magical energy of the Healing island of Ibiza, your Healing will have extra power



~ Life Healing

~ Spiritual Healing

~ Pranic Healing

~ Karmic Healing

~ Energy Healing

~ Reiki Healing

~ Emotional Clearing

~ Aura Cleansing

~ Chakra Balancing & Clearing

~ Counselling

~ Personal Development

~ Life & Soul Coaching

~ Meditation

~ Guidance & Teaching


~ Healing Workshops

~ Weekend Intensives

~ Retreats

~ Indepth Healing Experiences


With Natural Light Worker, Spritual Healing, Shamanic & Psychic abilities from birth


She has developed her own unique style of Healing people's lives & energy


With added extensive training. qualification & development in many areas such as Energy transformation, Spiritual Healing, Reiki, Spiritual Teaching, Counselling, Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Dowsing, Vortex Healing, Karmic & Akashic Healing, Pranic Healing, Meditation, Soul Retrieval, Relationship Cords, Rescue work & many more over more than two decades


Healing the self on every level, so enabling realisation, enlightenment, relief, letting go, peace within, unveiling of the true self... True Healing